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Position: Postdoc – Machine Learning / Computational Biology m/w/d

Art des Jobs Vollzeit
Eingetragen am 14.03.2019
Einsatzort Heidelberg

Jobbeschreibung Job description:
The research group of Oliver Stegle at DKFZ in collaboration with the Wolfgang Huber group at EMBL, located in Heidelberg, work on machine learning and statistical computing solutions for cutting-edge biology and biomedicine research. Their interdisciplinary teams engage in theoretical method development, translation into effective software, and scientific applications in collaboration with researchers from fields including cancer and developmental biology.

We are looking for a senior scientists / postdoc with machine learning expertise who will develop methods for finding low-dimensional explanations in high-dimensional biological data. Biological systems can now be studied at multiple levels (DNA sequence, chromatin plasticity, transcriptome, proteome, metabolome, imaging, etc.), increasingly at single-cell resolution. Such data, which often comprise millions of features per observational unit, have a wide range of important applications in basic biology and in biomedicine. You will be working on the most fundamental step in their analysis: finding and understanding the most important patterns. These can come in the form of latent factors, clusters, smooth manifolds, graphs, etc. The learning tasks comprise unsupervised, supervised and hybrid setups.

This advertisement is for one of two positions in this new and exciting field, which can either focus on: (1) mathematical theory development or (2) development of high-quality scientific software and biological application in collaboration with domain experts.
Qualifikationen Requirements:
A master and a PhD or equivalent qualification in a quantitative science (mathematics, statistics, physics, computer science, computational biology) is required. For position (1), you will have excellent theoretical foundations in probability theory, statistics, linear algebra and differential geometry. For position (2), you have experience in statistical data analysis and a solid understanding of programming concepts and multiple languages including R and Python.

You are excited by making or contributing to biological discoveries, and you are interested in the modern biotechnologies that enable us to make the measurements with which you work. You will be involved in interdisciplinary research projects, therefore you should enjoy collaborative work.

Experience with biological or biomedical data is a plus.
Firma Deutsches Krebsforschungszentrum
69120 Heidelberg
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